Mini skirts, platform shoes, nylons, etc., before Paris Hilton started her era, the best friends in the movie Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion were the “trend-setters” of the late 90s fashion style. and even now.

More than two decades on, it’s surprising that Romy and Michele’s fashion is more trendy than ever. Maybe that’s also one of the many reasons why the movie about former high school outcasts who deliberately lie about inventing Post-its at their reunion 10 years later is said to be a classical work. Today, as the ’90s and 2000s-inspired clothes have penetrated contemporary style and the use of multiple colors has become the new trend, it seems like the store the duo opened at the end of the film. could become extremely popular. What’s more, what’s special about Romy and Michele is that they strongly believe that what’s fun is in themselves and let that show in what you wear.


Romy White played by Mira Sorvino

By the way, Romy White is played by Mira Sorvino. (Photo: Everett Collection)

The character Michele Weinberger

The character Michele Weinberger is played by Lisa Kudrow. (Photo: Touchstone Pictures)

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion movie fashion

Romy and Michele’s fashion boutique. (Photo: Touchstone Pictures)


Much of the film’s iconic fashion legacy was forged by costume designer Mona Maywho, who influenced generations of style enthusiasts with a series of classics like CluelessThe House Bunny, and The House Bunny. , Never Been Kissed, … From the very beginning, she decided that Romy and Michele was a movie about fashion. In the script, she shaped the characters’ preferences for dress and appearance based on personality traits, circumstances, or the purpose of each segment. She always knows how to highlight the two main characters’ styles compared to other roles, thereby showing the difference in their thinking. Fashion is not simply clothes, it is a means of expressing emotions and psychology.


fashion from the movie Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

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colorful fashion in the movie Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

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Michele's fashion

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The characters love fashion but don’t wear expensive brands, here they create their own trends because they don’t have the money to follow it. The movie suggests a wardrobe that anyone can buy from a secondhand store. The two main characters of the film – Romy (Mira Sorvino) and Michele (Lisa Kudrow) – are estranged from high school. During their years in Tucson, they drew on fashion cues from Madonna’s “Like a Prayer,” as evidenced by goth-lie padded shoulder blazers and slightly ruffled hairdos. . In other words, Romy and Michele are always at the forefront of the trend while “The Cool Kids” – the girls who always try to suppress them – are wearing clothes like their mother’s. Despite their differences, they’re still two of the most stylish girls, but no one in high school is good enough to realize it (except Sandy Frink).


Romy and Michele's goth fashion in high school

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Mona always wants to create a unique character for each character. For example, Michele is always glamorous with high heels and Romy seems a bit stronger. Mona chose for Michele a variety of feminine dresses with deep necks and miniskirts in contrast to Romy’s striped men’s suits. Or in another scene, when Michele chooses a shiny leather jacket with feather trim , Romy decides to wear a dark red padded shoulder leather jacket. Although pursuing two different styles, the overall look of the two looks very well together.


Black suit set in Romy and Michele

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The distinctive style of the duo Romy and Michele

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In particular, the two dresses in the last scene became a “historical” moment. Mona Way once stated that she really wanted something iconic for the movie, so the shiny miniskirts were born. Although the same style of dress, the color is connected with the individual personality of each person.

Romy and Michele's final dress

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Romy and Michele’s fashion is gradually becoming more “trendy” because the new generation of young people always want a unique style, even if it may break the rules or go against what is widely accepted. is trendy. A prime example of that is the rise of vintage and Y2K fashion . As Mona said: “Romy and Michele are the best, they just don’t know it” .

Romy and Michele's high school style

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